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Upload video files to split audio, Video format support: AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, MP4, WEBM, WMV.

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Why you should use Extract-Audio.App

Extract-Audio.App supports audio extract from video, allowing you to download high-quality audio with Mp3, Mav, M4R file formats. Download and save audio to your phone, computer for free in the highest quality. Separate audio from video on Web browser, no software installation, no account registration.

Easy to use

Extract audio from video using your browser: We always wanted to keep things simple for you. You do not need to download or install any software.

Highest quality

Supports many mp3, mav, m4r formats, especially allowing you to download audio to the machine with high quality 320kbps. Most other tools can only help you download 92kbps quality.


It's always free. We're just placing some ads, supporting the maintenance of our server costs.

How to extract audio from a video?

High-quality video audio separator

Upload your video

Upload your video

Drag or upload your video file into the audio extractor tool above. The maximum file size is 500MB.

Choose your audio format

Choose your audio format

Select which format you’d like your audio download to be. Choose from MP3 or WAV.

Click Extract audio

Download Audio For Devices

Hit the “Extract audio” button to extract the audio from your video file. Your audio file will instantly download.

Frequently Asked Questions When Using Extract-Audio.App

How to extract audio from a Video file?

First, you need to upload the Video file, drag-and-drop your Video file or click inside the white area to select the file, select the audio format you want to retrieve. Then click on the "Start Extract" button.

Why does the extraction process take longer than I expected?

Extracting audio from large files can take some time, as the extraction process often requires data encryption and decryption.

Is it safe to upload my Video file to Extract-Audio.App?

Yes! The file will be available immediately after uploading. The system will automatically delete the uploaded files as soon as the audio links you have downloaded are completed.

Can I extract audio from a Video file on linux, Mac OS or Android?

Yes, you can use our video audio separator for free on any operating system with a web browser. Our audio separator works online and requires no software installation, no account registration.